Q: Who are you?
A: My name is Keaira.  I was made a vengeance demon by Lord D'Hoffryn in the Early 1700s.  He named me Keaira because it means 'Little Dark One', and since I'm short and pretty damn menacing, it works just spiffy with me.  My most notable vengeance took place on February 5th, 1778.  An American soldier summoned me and wished that the British would would pack their bags and go home to the Mother country.  At first I was tempted to resurrect The Judge a bit ahead of schedule, but that would have meant part gathering, a Hell of a lot of traveling to remote areas of the mortal realm, and to top it off, I think The Judge would kill everyone, not just the British.  So, instead I just sent the French this really big hunger for war and death.  Less trouble, and a LOT less yicky.

Q: How do you create your videos?
A: A while back some Mortal created this program called Adobe After Effects.  Gotta love these computers.  A Hell of a lot less teleporting...  Just go into a chat room and get people bitching about their life.  Do you REALIZE how many angsty teenagers populate the web?  I'll tell you, this whole internet thing is a wish come true!  I wonder who granted it...

Q: What do I need in order to view your videos?
A: Don't have a clue.  They work on my computer, so to guarantee viewing, use my computer!  Okay, so that won't work for most of you...  They're in RealVideo (.rm files) so I would GUESS RealOne Player, or Windows Media Player.  That's what I use.

Q: Why are the files so big?
A: Because I like high quality.  Period.  I guess saying 'period' after I USE a period to end the sentence is redundant...  : gets nervous :  NEXT!

Q: Will you grant my wishes?
A: Depends on what the wish is.  I've been rather tied up of late...  Staying off the mortal realm as much as demonly possible.  I hear there's this big giant evil about to explode on Earth, so if you don't mind, for now I'm staying put.  However, you can contact my webmistress, Emily Waldon.  She'll pass the messages and questions along.