By Evanescence

Video Length:  3 minutes, 32 seconds.
Contains Spoilers to Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Seasons 1, 5, and 6

Centered around one of the most well done episodes in the entire series, this video is my tribute to Joyce Summers.  While not graphically challenging, it strikes a nerve with most people who see it.  Not surprising to me since the episodes are so powerful.  I've actually had the greatest compliment given to me when someone told me that the video made them cry.  Well, I was more met with mixed feelings.  On the one hand, I made someone cry.  On the other, that means I did a good job.  ^_^

I feel the need to explain one scene in particular in this video.  While every other scene (save for the 1st season clip in the flashback montage) came from two episodes, I did throw in a few clips from the 6th season episode, Normal Again.  This is the episode in which Buffy is stung while fighting a demon, and the venom forces her into a delusional state in which she believes she is in a mental institution.  This may seem odd to put into a video about Joyce's death that happened over a season ago.  However, the events in the series made me want to add this clip in.  You see, in the 6th season, we see Buffy struggling without a mentor.  She had to stand on her own two feet.  Giles was gone, her mother had died, and her father is God only knows where.  And in this delusion, Buffy is surrounded by people who want to help her.  Including her Mother.  In this delusion her Mother never died, and is waiting there for her with open arms.  I don't think the delusion would have been half as appealing without her Mother being there.  Further more, Buffy decides that she would rather be in the delusion than in real life.  I thought it went along well with "I'm the lie, living for you so you can hide".  "Don't cry..." Follows that line.  I decided that should be where we see Joyce alive and well, caring for Buffy since this delusion of her Mother was meant to comfort her and be the happy alternative.  I hope that clears things up for those of you who were confused.

The song, Hello can be found on the Evanescence CD entitled 'Fallen'.