Updated!  February 2nd, 2004!

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Merry Meet, and Welcome to The Plain of Arashmaharr!
In this dimension you will discover that truly anything is possible.  The power of the wish is born and thrives here, opening infinite doors to every mortal.  In this particular realm of The Plain, we present to you a few compilations of the imagination.

Blessed Be!
~Keaira the Vengeance Demon

I tend to keep track of the websites the refer people to my page.  It's a thing...  I like to see what websites have linked me, and thank people who advertise me on message boards.  However recently I have noticed a great deal of traffic coming from the following sites:
Because these sites are written in another language, I am crippled when it comes to tracking down the person who linked me, or viewing what was said about the site.  If you are the someone who has posted about me on these pages, or have linked me in any other forum/site, please write to me so that I might thank you and possibly return the favor!  Thanks!

The Plain now has a mailing list!  To subscribe, send a blank e-mail (from the address you wish to receive the updates), with the words 'Subscribe me' as your subject to poa@moonlitrose.com.  You'll be informed of my current video workings, updates to the site, and provided with preview links.  You may also be called upon to help me choose which vid to create next, so go ahead and subscribe!  I'm not going to give your addys out for money, folks.  Unless someone makes a REALLY tempting offer.  ^_~

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Thanks and Disclaimer:

Thank you to Jen and KTB for your support, ideas, and encouragement.  ^_~  Thank you D'Hoffryn of the Sunnydale Sock Puppet Theatre community for helping to figure out how to spell Arashmaharr.

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