By Evanescence

Video Length:  3 minutes, 32 seconds.
Contains Spoilers to Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Seasons 5 and 6

On several occasions throughout the series, we see Buffy's sanity stretch and her stress level go through the roof.  Yet somehow she always manages to gain enough control to save the world, to be reasonably happy, and live as close to a normal life as Slayerly possible.  This video is more or less about those moments that Buffy stepped outside her own sanity to escape the pressures of being something above the average mortal, and further about when she willingly stepped back into reality because it was the right thing to do.  When everything is said and done, Buffy is, afterall, only human and like any human can be pushed too far.  The video itself has a few neat effects that took me too many hours to create.  I hope you enjoy.

The song, Imaginary can be found on the Evanescence CD entitled 'Fallen'.