My Immortal
By Evanescence

Video Length:  4 minutes, 37 seconds.
Contains Spoilers to Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Seasons 1 - 4

Note:  Yes, I realize that the real media version is rather large.  I'm sorry for this, but if I cut it down anymore you wouldn't be able to see some of the most climactic parts of the video.  The dvd rips I've been creating are touchy, especially when it comes to bursts of light.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

My first Buffy/Angel vid.  I think it turned out pretty well...  As a general rule I don't care for Angel, but alas my love of vidding outweighs my personal distaste for the character.  The song 'My Immortal' screamed Buffy/Angel, and as a result, I had to create this.

I combined the original version of the song with the band version to make what I like to call 'The Ultimate Version'.  Also, there are a few relatively new effects in this vid, although nothing truly earth-shattering.  This vid is highly worth your time though.  I've been told it's one of my best (second only to Going Under) by several people who beta for me.  So enjoy this in all of it's angsty-romance!

The original version of My Immortal can be found on the Evanescence CD entitled 'Fallen'.

The Band version of My Immortal can be found on the Evanescence Import CD entitled 'My Immortal'.