One of Us
By Joan Osborne

Video Length:  4 minutes, 59 seconds.
Contains Spoilers to Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Seasons 5 - 7

Hee Hee.  This has to be the favorite of the majority of people who have seen my videos.  Honestly, I feel that the effects on this video could have been a lot better.  However, it's main goal was to be FUNNY, not perfect.  So I left it be and sure enough people are much more interested in the jokes than the actual footage.  I guarantee that this video will at least give you a smile and it's worth your time.

On a side note, this video is not meant in a sacrilegious way.  The lyrics just struck me as very applicable to the situation portrayed in the 5th season.  If you have any personal qualms about this, please contact me at  I'll be happy to give you very factual reasons as to why this is NOT a travesty. of the moral variety.

The song, One of Us can be found on the Joan Osborne CD entitled 'Relish'.