Going Under
By Evanescence

Video Length:  3 minutes, 42 seconds.
Contains Spoilers to Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Seasons 1 - 7

My First Award!

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A second Award!

Okay, this is beyond cool! Best vid of the YEAR 2003!  Thank you much to all of you out there that voted! 

The video creation took me literally two months, and probably around a total of over 150 hours.  No, I'm not exaggerating.  I was avidly attempting to make the clips look as though they belonged in the original video.  You'll notice the scrolling MTV logo never disappears, the record label is kept, and I didn't use any effects that weren't in the original.  Further more, I had to invent new effects to match the professional music video artist's effects to make it look like it belonged.  Overall?  My hardest video to create yet.  But it's also my best so far in my eyes, and the one I am currently most proud to show off.  SO GO DOWNLOAD IT ALREADY!

Oh, and if J-RoD, the person of Urban Chaos who captured the original video happens to be reading this?  Contact me.  We need to have words.

The song, Going Under can be found on the Evanescence CD entitled 'Fallen'.